Rekka no Honoo

Rekka no Honoo

TVStudio Pierrot

In a world where ninjas are thought to belong to the past, Rekka Hanabishi defies this notion. Despite hailing from a family of fireworks makers, he fancies himself a contemporary ninja. But his proclamation of servitude to anyone who defeats him leads him into numerous conflicts. Everything changes when he encounters Yanagi Sakoshita, a kind-hearted girl with extraordinary healing abilities. Their meeting unravels a series of events unveiling a startling truth - Rekka is the sole survivor of a fabled ninja clan eradicated long ago. Not only is he a true ninja, but he also commands the power of fire. As Rekka grapples with his newfound identity, mysterious adversaries target him and Yanagi. Join them on a gripping journey of discovery and danger in Rekka no Honoo!

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