Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo

Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo

TVJ.C. Staff

After a valiant act in the Albion war, Saito Hiraga is knighted and regarded as nobility, causing a dilemma for Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Their roles as mage and familiar altered, Louise questions the implications of this change. On a journey to a castle, she is attacked by the formidable mage Sheffield, fighting desperately until Saito intervenes. The enigmatic power of Void magic emerges, hinting at the existence of another wielder of this rare craft. As Saito's magical emblem fades, the duo embarks on a quest to find the elf who once resurrected him, setting the stage for a new chapter. Amidst this pursuit, their dynamic as master and servant faces fresh trials, prompting them to redefine their connection and restore their fading runes.

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