After two years of captivating their fans, the J-pop idol group CHAM! faces a bittersweet moment as Mima Kirigoe decides to depart for an acting career. Amidst varied reactions to her choice, Mima hopes for her supporters' continued backing. However, her life takes a tumultuous turn post-group departure. Opting to break free from her idol persona, Mima ventures into a crime drama, plunging herself and her manager, Rumi Hidaka, into the challenging realm of acting. As Mima strives to redefine herself, unsettling events unfold: a persistent fan fixated on her past stardom starts stalking her, a mysterious website mirrors her life with unsettling precision, and CHAM! thrives in her absence. With each disquieting occurrence, Mima spirals into a disconcerting blur where reality blurs with illusion, testing her sanity and grip on the truth.

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