Ueki no Housoku

Ueki no Housoku


In a clandestine competition to determine the ruler of the Heavenly World, 100 divine beings known as 'God Candidates' must bestow their powers upon chosen Earth middle school students. These students, in turn, will engage in battles on behalf of their celestial benefactors. The ultimate champion of this tournament will earn the coveted 'Blank Talent,' granting them the ability to select a unique power of their choosing. Simultaneously, the God Candidate they represent will ascend to the throne as the new ruler of the Heavenly World. Among the contenders is Kousuke Ueki, a student granted the unusual ability to transform trash into trees by his teacher, Kobayashi. Despite the warnings of his classmate Ai Mori, Ueki embarks on a quest driven by his personal code of justice, appalled by the misuse of powers around him. However, as he crosses paths with formidable power wielders like Seiichirou Sano, Rinko Jerrard, Robert Haydn, and Hideyoshi Soya, Ueki grasps the daunting challenges that lie ahead in his pursuit.

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