Kino no Tabi: the Beautiful World

Kino no Tabi: the Beautiful World

adventuredramafantasypsychologicalslice of life

Accompanied by Hermes, a sentient motorcycle, 15-year-old traveler Kino embarks on a journey across diverse lands, embracing the unpredictable nature of life's adventures. Their travels expose them to a tapestry of customs ranging from ethically ambiguous to poignant and captivating. Along the way, they encounter individuals driven by work, altruism, or ambition, each offering profound insights into human existence. As passive spectators in a myriad of societies, Kino and Hermes refrain from imposing their judgments on the varied values they encounter. Despite the seeming absurdity of some beliefs, they uphold a philosophy of acceptance, finding beauty in the world's inherent imperfections, proclaiming that 'the world is not beautiful; therefore, it is.'

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