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fantasymahou shoujo

When a cluster of shooting stars streak across the sky, Rinko Kougyoku and her friend Minami make wishes upon them, unaware that these 'stars' are actually 'Jewel Charms' from the magical world of Jewel Land. These charms contain the Jewelpets, creatures that can transform into charms for easy transport by magicians. Ruby, a mischievous bunny Jewelpet, dislikes being confined and decides to escape when the magicians relocate the Jewelpets to the Dream Forest. A mishap causes all the charms to fall to Earth except Ruby. Tasked with retrieving the scattered Jewelpets, Ruby lands in Rinko's water glass, sparking an unexpected adventure. Together, Rinko, Minami, and Ruby set out to find the missing Jewelpets, encountering strange beings and helpful allies. As they navigate Earth's dangers, will they succeed in safely returning the Jewelpets to their homeland?

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