Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden


After being emotionally scarred by school, Jun Sakurada isolates himself at home, engaging in a peculiar routine of buying and returning items within the trial period. One day, a cryptic note prompts him to wind something, and he absentmindedly agrees, setting off a life-altering chain of events. Delivered to his doorstep is a unique wind-up doll named Shinku, part of the enigmatic Rozen Maiden series crafted by the renowned dollmaker Rozen. Beyond a mere plaything, Shinku exhibits human-like qualities upon activation, revealing a proud demeanor as she discloses her identity as the fifth doll in the collection. Tasked with engaging in the Alice Game, a high-stakes competition among the Rozen Maiden sisters to attain the coveted title of Alice, Jun finds himself embroiled in a surreal world where sentient dolls vie for a chance to meet their maker. As more dolls join his household and a formidable adversary reemerges from Shinku's past, Jun's once mundane existence spirals into a complex web of alliances, conflicts, and unforeseen challenges.

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