Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu

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In a whimsical world where animals talk and magic abounds, the kind and clumsy Ahiru, whose name means 'duck' in Japanese, discovers her extraordinary destiny. Initially a duck transformed into a human by the enigmatic Drosselmeyer, Ahiru uncovers her true power through a magical pendant. By becoming Princess Tutu, a graceful ballet dancer, she aids others by dancing away their inner turmoil. Tasked with reassembling her prince's shattered heart to vanquish an evil raven, Ahiru embarks on a poignant journey of courage and self-discovery. 'Princess Tutu' weaves a captivating narrative of heroism, fate, and the profound impact of one's beliefs and actions, culminating in a quest for a fairy tale ending. Divided into two parts, the series unfolds across 38 episodes, showcasing a blend of 25-minute and 12-minute segments that bring this enchanting tale to life.

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