Hourou Musuko

Hourou Musuko

dramaromanceslice of life

Shuuichi Nitori, an effeminate fifth grader often mistaken for a girl, grapples with the internal conflict of being biologically male. Finding kinship in Yoshino Takatsuki, a tomboy who rejects her female identity despite her biological sex, the two navigate the challenges of a new school, forging new connections while preserving old ones. As they confront the complexities of adolescence, gender identity, and relationships, Shuuichi and Yoshino strive to uncover their authentic selves amidst societal pressures and personal dilemmas. Through Takako Shimura's poignant portrayal, Hourou Musuko delves deep into the poignant journey of self-discovery, love, and acceptance, offering a sincere exploration of gender identity and the LGBTQ+ experience.

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