Digimon Tamers

Digimon Tamers

TVToei Animation

In a world engulfed by the Digimon phenomenon, Takato Matsuda, a fervent fan of the franchise's card game, stumbles upon a peculiar blue card that alters his reality. This chance encounter transforms his toy into a Digivice and brings his own creation, Guilmon, to life. Excited by the unexpected manifestation of his dream Digimon, Takato embarks on a thrilling journey as a Digimon Tamer. However, his initial joy gives way to the harsh reality of the role as he faces the perilous nature of dealing with actual Digimon. As chaotic Digimon appearances wreak havoc across Japan, Takato, armed with his Digivice and the power to enhance Guilmon through scanned cards, must confront these unruly creatures. Amidst the turmoil, a clandestine organization bent on eradicating Digimon and their Tamers casts a shadow over their mission to safeguard the world from ensuing Digimon assaults.

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