Top wo Nerae! GunBuster

Top wo Nerae! GunBuster


In a futuristic era, humanity faces a menacing threat from colossal insect-like aliens traversing the galaxy with a mission to wipe out the human race as it ventures beyond the solar system. To counter this peril, Earth constructs spacefaring warships and enormous combat mechs. These mechanized giants are operated by the elite young minds selected from academies worldwide. Set in 2023, shortly after the initial clashes with the extraterrestrial aggressors, the narrative follows the journey of young Noriko Takaya. Despite her renowned father's tragic demise in battle, Noriko's piloting skills are in question as she enrolls in a training institution. Throughout the series, Noriko, alongside the gifted and charming Kazumi Amano, embarks on a quest to conquer the aftermath of war, the skepticism of her peers, and her own self-doubt.

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