Hokuto no Ken

Hokuto no Ken

TVToei Animation

In a desolate world devastated by a catastrophic event, the resilient warrior Kenshirou embarks on a relentless journey to rescue his kidnapped fiancée, Yuria, from his treacherous rival Shin. Armed with his lethal martial art, Hokuto Shinken, Kenshirou becomes a beacon of hope, protecting the innocent from savage marauders. However, as his reputation grows, so does the threat he faces, drawing the attention of formidable foes like warlords and rival fighters. Caught in a whirlwind of conflict and betrayal, Kenshirou must push his combat prowess to the limits to reclaim his lost love. Amidst the chaos and escalating battles against Shin and the Nanto Seiken practitioners, Kenshirou evolves into a symbol of salvation in a world marred by radiation and brutality.

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