Astarotte no Omocha!

Astarotte no Omocha!


In a magical realm where succubi like the young princess Astarotte 'Lotte' Ygvar rely on men's life seeds to survive and continue their lineage, Lotte detests men despite this vital need. To prevent her peril as she matures, her attendant Judith Snorrevik ventures to the human world to seek a male companion acceptable to Lotte. Enter Naoya Touhara, a 23-year-old single father who willingly joins Lotte's harem, leaving his daughter behind. Naoya's selfless dedication to Lotte's happiness, devoid of romantic intentions, marks a stark contrast to the norm. However, tensions arise when his daughter arrives, straining his relationship with Lotte. Despite the challenges, Naoya endeavors to mend their bond, uncovering deeper ties linking him to the magical realm. As their connection blossoms, destiny weaves a complex web intertwining their fates with the enchanting world around them.

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