Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

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When his mother wins a trip to the islands, Pokémon trainer Satoshi and his loyal partner Pikachu journey to Melemele Island in the vibrant Alola region. Amidst a plethora of new Pokémon and familiar faces with unique variations, their curiosity leads them astray as they chase after a mysterious creature. In their wanderings, they stumble upon the Pokémon School, where Satoshi crosses paths with the no-nonsense student Kaki and encounters the menacing Team Skull. Through this confrontation, Satoshi learns about the formidable Z-Moves, exclusive to Alola and requiring perfect harmony between trainer and Pokémon. That very night, a fateful meeting with Melemele Island's guardian deity, Kapu Kokeko, grants them a Z-Ring, unlocking the potential of these potent attacks. Captivated by the power they've witnessed, Satoshi and Pikachu opt to remain in Alola, enrolling in the Pokémon School to delve deeper into Z-Moves. Alongside classmates like the Pokémon enthusiast Lillie and the fiery Kaki, Satoshi navigates his studies, thwarts the persistent Team Rocket's schemes in the region, and embarks on the Island Challenge—a rite of passage essential for mastering the art of Z-Moves. Amidst these trials and tribulations, a thrilling new chapter unfolds for Satoshi and Pikachu in the Alola Region.

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