Star Mu 2

Star Mu 2

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At the start of a new academic year at Ayanagi Academy, Yuuta Hoshitani and his Team Ootori peers gear up for the upcoming graduation performance themed 'Shadow and Lights.' In this annual showcase, second-year students from the Musical Department are required to take part in the production as part of their coursework. With only five coveted training roles available out of the 25 students, securing one not only boosts academic reputation but also opens doors to the prestigious Kao Council. Among the hopefuls, Riku Ageha of Team Yuzuriha stands out as a strong contender for the role of Alexis' Shadow, driven by his admiration for a past Ayanagi graduate's portrayal. Meanwhile, Hoshitani faces steep odds due to his limited showbiz background. With guidance from the 'Ancients'—former Kao Council members—the determined second-years pour their hearts into the competition, aiming to reach for the stars and exceed expectations.

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