Tsuki ga Kirei

Tsuki ga Kirei

dramaromanceslice of life

Entering their last year of junior high, Kotarou Azumi, an aspiring writer, and Akane Mizuno, a dedicated track team member, find themselves in the same class. What starts as a series of coincidental meetings soon blooms into a budding romance, marked by stolen glances and racing hearts. As they navigate the complexities of young love, Kotarou and Akane realize that the path to romance is far from simple. Amidst the joy of companionship, they face the inevitable pangs of love's uncertainties and the interference of outside affections. With doubts looming over their hearts and rivals vying for their attention, the future appears hazy. Yet, beneath the luminous glow of the full moon, Kotarou musters the courage to pose a pivotal question to Akane, altering the course of their understated bond forever.

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