Mahoutsukai no Yome

Mahoutsukai no Yome

TVWit Studio
dramafantasyromanceslice of lifesupernatural

At a tender age of 15, Chise Hatori, a Japanese girl, finds herself auctioned off for a hefty sum of five million pounds to a tall enigmatic figure in a mask. Plagued by a lonely past and ostracized for her odd mannerisms, she embraces the idea of belonging, willing to be purchased by anyone offering a sense of belonging. En route to an uncertain future in chains, she overhears cloaked figures whispering about her rare status as a Sleigh Beggy, coveted by her purchaser. Disregarding the hushed conversations, she is eventually led by the mysterious gentleman to a study, where he unveils himself as Elias Ainsworth—a mage. Following a brief exchange and a dash of teleportation sorcery, the duo awakens in Elias' enchanting countryside abode in England. Welcomed by fantastical creatures and a whimsical ambiance, Chise's journey commences as she becomes Elias' apprentice and his speculated betrothed, setting the stage for a unique and magical tale.

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