Märchen Mädchen

Märchen Mädchen

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Hazuki Kagimura, a shy girl struggling with social interactions and adjusting to her new adoptive family, finds solace in the realms of fiction where she can escape into tales of companionship and excitement. Her mundane world is disrupted when she stumbles upon a mysterious book in her possession. Following a spectral girl visible only to her, Hazuki is led to a concealed library that bridges the gap between reality and fantasy. This pivotal discovery introduces her to Shizuka Tsuchimikado, a girl who becomes her first true friend, and reveals Hazuki's destiny as the chosen wielder of Cinderella's original manuscript, granting her extraordinary magical abilities as an Origin Master. Embracing this new reality, Hazuki embarks on a journey at Kuzunoha Girl's Magic Academy, where she learns to confront her insecurities and embrace the power within her to craft her own enchanting narrative.

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